Posted by: spinnyknitter | August 3, 2009

Secret Summer Side of Life and Knitter’s Tan

IMGP1599My secret summer is almost over. It seems like everything I have worked on for months has been a secret and so not blog material.
First there was the Wedding shawl, which somehow turned into the Honeymoon shawl, which finally was finished and took a lovely cruise (along with the newlyweds).  Then there was a slew of class samples to knit.  Then another secret project which I still can’t speak of.  And finally some secret baby knitting!  Soon all will be revealed, but for now, a photo of the Honeymoon Shawl before the big trip!

It has been so hot here and I have been doing some marathon knitting sessions.  My Knitter’s Tan of 2009 has surpassed all previous years!  What is a knitter’s tan?  Well, if you sit in the sun knitting long enough you get a white patch on the inside of your elbows from having your arms bent……. when people ask, just say Knitter’s Tan!  IMGP0982


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