Posted by: spinnyknitter | October 12, 2009

Blue skies and autumn leaves…..

I’ve finished my scarf version of Charlotte’s Web Shawl.  When I was on the Island recently I purchased three skeins of Koigu mainly because I couldn’t resist them.  I was in scarf mode at the time and thought that three skeins would be enough to make a scarf size charlotte.  I was also teaching a class for Charlotte’s Web, so I cast on with the first class.  I worked on it here and there, but other projects tempted me and poor Charlotte was left in a corner.  The other day I took a look at her and realized she was very close to being finished.  I spent a couple of evenings with her and was done.  I had originally thought I would add the fringe but decided against it in the end.

When I took the scarf outside to get some photos I realized that the blues and reddish browns were a perfect match to the sky and the autumn leaves on the Japanese Maple outside my window.


My modifications were simple, I just added an increase at either end of the wrong side rows.  This gives you an extra repeat on the outside edges every 8th row.  It is wider and less deep than the original pattern.  More details on my Ravelry project page.   It’s the perfect scarf size and I wore it yesterday.


Happy Thanksgiving……..



  1. Wow, your scarf looks fantastic. l like the colours you choose.

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