Posted by: spinnyknitter | October 18, 2009

Knitting vibes……

Has this ever happened to you?  You are knitting away on some project and having a grand old time and then something tramatic/emotional/sad happens in your life while you are knitting on said project.  Maybe for example someone you love is in the hospital and you bring your knitting to work on while waiting around hospital corridors.    So you work on your  project and you are comforted and it does help pass the time.   And you think to yourself, thank god for my knitting.  Without it I would be sitting in this overheated waiting room with nothing to do!

And it is so true, knitting has gotten me through sickness (mine and others), natural disasters, divorce, births and deaths and lots of things that I can’t remember at this moment.  It has brought me comfort while I go through life and hit the bumps that everyone hits now and then.  But the projects almost never survive the crisis.  It’s like the worry and emotion go directly into the project and become so entwined with it that you can not separate it no matter what you do.

My most recent case in point, my Kai-Mei socks.  I loved the pattern, loved the yarn and I had completed one sock, and had immediately started the second.  I was about at the halfway  point, I had turned the heel and was about to pick up the stitches of the gusset, when wham, I ran into life.  Or should I say life ran into to me.  Someone who I loved very much was moving several provinces away and due to difficult circumstances I didn’t know when I would see this person again.  It was harsh.  I dreaded it for months.  And the day finally came that I had to say goodbye, and I brought along the sock.  I said goodbye, and we drove away, and I started to knit.  And I completely messed up the gusset.  But I couldn’t stop knitting.  I knew that I was going to have to rip back everything I was doing but I really didn’t care.  I just needed to knit.  When I got home I was too upset to think about the sock, so I dumped it into my knitting basket to deal with later.

That was five months ago.  Every once in a while I see it and I think that I should really get that sock sorted out and finish it.  But I always manage to think of more urgent knitting that must be done.  And it finally occurred to me today as I looked at it sadly lying in the basket that it had happened again.  The bad vibes.  I didn’t want to touch the socks, knit them, look at them.   And I certainly didn’t want to finish them and wear them.  I had knit the bad vibes into the sock and that was that.

So I am going to rip them out.  Maybe I can make something else with the yarn, or maybe not.  We’ll see.


My only question is, if I hadn’t been knitting that day, where would the bad vibes have gone?


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