Posted by: spinnyknitter | January 16, 2010

Weaving Fever……

For the past two weeks I have been MIA with Weaving Fever.  I purchased an Ashford 20 inch Knitters Loom on New Years Eve and I haven’t stopped weaving since.  I am having so much fun with this little table top loom and I have great hopes of weaving my way through my stash.

The first thing knitters need to know about weaving is that compared to knitting it’s really fast!  Fast as in you can make a scarf in an afternoon fast.  The second thing knitters should be aware of is it is highly addictive!  No really, once you warp your first project you can’t stop.  You think I’m exaggerating but just wait and see.  You Can Not Stop.

A few days ago I purchased a little tool called a Fringe Twister.  It is a wonderfully simple device that allows you to count and twist your fringe so they are perfectly even.  I also watched a video online and tried hemstitching, which makes a very cool edge at the end of your project.

I love a new challenge and I think for 2010 that will be weaving.



  1. Your scarves look fabulous!!! I love the fringe twister. Did you get it locally because I need one???

  2. Very nice!

  3. Where did you buy your loom? And same question as Uli, the fringe twister – was that local as well?

    Your projects have me thinking I should look into looms again. Might hold my interest more than spinning did!

  4. I really enjoy your blogs 🙂

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