Posted by: spinnyknitter | February 8, 2010

twisting the night away……

A few people have inquired about my fringe twister, mentioned in a previous post.  It’s a great little tool purchased at a spinning shop.  I have been putting twisted fringe on everything I’ve made since acquiring this gadget.  It’s a little fiddly and time consuming but perfect for TV watching.  Watch tv with one eye and twist with the other.

You take your section of fringe  and divide it into two or three groups.  Attach each to the alligator clips and turn the handle.  Count the number of rotations you turn.  It should be quite tightly wound.  Then carefully remove the sections without losing the twist, put all the twisted cords together and attach all to one clip.  Rotate in the opposite direction for the same number of turns.  Remove from the clip carefully and tie an overhand knot.  Voila!  Perfect twisted fringe.  Now do each section exactly the same and they will all match perfectly.  Genius!

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