Posted by: spinnyknitter | April 20, 2010

journey along……

Do you daydream while you knit?  I do, which I guess is why I like knitting simple lace patterns.  Sometimes I am daydreaming about the person I am knitting for and sometimes the pattern or yarn or color reminds me of something or someone or some place.  That is why when I designed and knit my first shawl pattern, the calais-shawl, I daydreamed about what I would name it.

While the shawl was still on the needles I thought that the stitch pattern looked like rain drops, so I googled rain drops and rain and then decided it sounded more romantic in french.  So I googled all the french words relating to rain and happened across the town of Calais France because it rains a lot there.   I liked the photos of the beaches and then I discovered that it faced the white cliffs of Dover across the English Channel.  That did it for me.  I remember my mother singing a song about the white cliffs of Dover when I was a child.  I had the name for my shawl pattern.

It was days later that I blocked the shawl and realized that the lace pattern now seemed to resemble tulips.  I did some more investigating and discovered that Calais France is famous for it’s lace, lace making being one of it’s principal industries.   Now I was really intrigued.  I read more about the town.  It has been inhabited since ancient times and has a Lace Museum!  I picked the perfect place to dream about.  And that’s what I did, I started daydreaming about visiting Calais France.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could take a break from my life here and fly to France for the summer.  I could stay in quaint little hotels and eat at sidewalk cafes and visit the Lace Museum and look for inspiration for my next project.  Oh, I could take that Ferry that crosses the channel to England!  Think of all the places I could visit there!

Could you afford to take the summer off and fly off on a grand adventure?  Me neither.

Plan B

I would need a lot of cash internet access to do the trip.  And my husband would have to be really understanding golf a lot.  I would have to say goodbye to my family stay up late.   I think I could do it!  I could travel google all over Europe and knit in sidewalk cafes and visit museums, art galleries, castles!  I could have a fabulous summer!  I could even reinvent myself!  My “inner knitter” could be called Olive.  Olive could be tall, with greyish brown short hair long red curls (like the model from the old interweave knits, you know the one I mean)  and be on weight watchers have an impossibly slim waist.  Yes, I can picture it all now!

I’m going on over to Boulevard Jacquard and have a cafe creme at my favourite cafe and think this over.


  1. You are too funny!! you make me laugh and dream too!! Hope your dream will comme through!!

  2. I just printed your Calais Shawl pattern. I think I will love knitting it. When Olive goes to France, she can take me with her. My family have a little place in Normandy, so we already have somewhere as a jumping off point! When are we going????

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