Posted by: spinnyknitter | May 17, 2010

Bodiam Castle visit

A reader suggested that I check out Bodiam Castle which is in Sussex near Dover England, and so I did.  All I can say is wow!  The photos I found are fantastic!  Here’s a bodiam castle-photo gallery so you can check it out too.

Thanks Isobel, it was a spectacular side trip.  And I did find inspiration there.   This portcullis inspired the tip of the Dover Shawl and this jpg inspired the edging.

Thank you to all who have purchased the Dover-Castle-Shawl.  Once again I am so excited to see new projects pop up on Ravelry of this new design.

Olive and I will continue our  journey by working our way along the south of England and next we are headed into Cornwall.  My grandmother was born in England and came to Canada as a young woman.  She has been gone for over 30 years but I still remember being told as a child that she loved spending time in Cornwall.  She was most at peace by the water and the beach and so am I.  I wonder what will be waiting for us there?



  1. So glad you enjoyed it. I posted about Cornwall on my blog a while ago, and I included some pix. I hope this provides the link
    Let me know if it does/doesn’t work.

  2. If you get around the coast to Devon, you might want to look at the photos on this blog. i love them.

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