Posted by: spinnyknitter | June 4, 2010

moments of being…….

I was hoping to have a new shawl pattern ready by now, but life has intervened.  I’m still swatching and sketching, but I think I have a pretty pattern for the main body of the new shawl, finally.  I started knitting last night, and so far, so good. And in the meantime……..

Olive and I are sight seeing in the Cornish Coastal area of England and having a fabulous time!  The beaches are amazing as you can see.  I didn’t have to look far for inspiration, look at this!

The area is so beautiful that I never want to leave.  Cornwall is surrounded on three sides by the Celtic Sea and the English Channel.  It has the mildest and sunniest climate in the UK and the most spectacular scenery.  Some of my favourite people have lived here too, including Virginia Woolf and D. H. Lawrence.  And guess where Elizabeth Zimmermann spent her honeymoon?   Yes, in Cornwall, camped on the beach!

Cornwall is more than beaches, there are plenty of moors to hike through, and if you are lucky you will spot a small herd of wild ponies that still inhabit the moors and forest.  They have been there since around 1016.  How can this be true?  It seems like a fairy tale to me.

Olive and I have decided to stop in St. Ives for awhile.  It’s a beautiful little town right on the sea with beaches and cafes and shops.  It seems like the perfect place to take a little rest from traveling and reflect on the places we have visited so far.

“…….I could fill pages remembering one thing after another.  All together made the summer in St. Ives the best beginning to life imaginable.” ……. from Moments of Being by Virginia Woolf.


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