Posted by: spinnyknitter | July 1, 2010

Cornwall Beach and New Forest Shawls

I have knit two versions of my new shawl pattern and I love them both so much.  Which was a problem because I couldn’t choose which one to feature on the pattern.  It was kind of like picking your favourite child.  Just couldn’t do it.  So I am going to feature both!

The Cornwall Beach Shawl (the blue version) is knit using Yarn Candy Sweet Fiber Super Sweet Sock yarn and I absolutely love it.  The colors remind me of the sky on a beautiful day at the beach.  It is named after the beautiful beaches of Cornwall.

The New Forest Shawl (the green/purple version) is knit using Handmaiden Casbah Sock yarn and I am in love with how the two colors play off each other.

It is named after The New Forest in southern England, near Cornwall.  Here is a quote that I found that says everything I want you to know about The New Forest …….

“But in its wild scenery lies its greatest charm…… Nowhere, in extent at least, spread such stretches of heath and moor, golden in the spring with the blaze of furze, and in the autumn purple with heather, and bronzed with the fading fern. Nowhere in England rise such oak-woods, their boughs rimed with the frostwork of lichens, and dark beech-groves with their floor of red brown leaves, on which the branches weave their own warp and woof of light and shade.”

John Wise, 1895 – The New Forest. Its History and Its Scenery.

Both versions are included in the Cornwall Beach New Forest Shawl available for purchase on Ravelry today.

I would like to say a thank you to an amazing group of women who have helped me produce these patterns.  These test knitters are a group of awesome women who have been invaluable to me in editing and testing my patterns before release.  Beverly, Rose and Karen – thank you so much for giving so freely of your time and your resources. And for your unfailing support and encouragement I am truly blessed.

photo courtesy of Jeff Barkley

Happy knitting…


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