Posted by: spinnyknitter | September 28, 2010

This and that…

I’ve been away, for real this time and have done a little traveling around my home province.

First in August I visited the capital of British Columbia, the city of Victoria and one of my favourite places.  It has great yarn stores (which I visited) great beaches, great places to eat, fantastic museums  and is the best place for just walking around.  We parked our car at the hotel when we arrived and didn’t get in it again until we left to catch the ferry home.  It was great to be able to walk everywhere we wanted to go.

Back home for a few weeks and then off for a road trip through the Kootenays, which is south eastern BC, almost to the Rocky Mountains.  It’s a part of the province I haven’t spent much time visiting and I really loved the whole area.  The drive there was spectacular…here is a shot as we climbed the hill heading east out of Osoyoos.

I spent a very relaxing couple of days at Elizabeth Lake just outside of Cranbrook, here’s the view from my window.

In the end though, I was thoroughly tired of driving.  My back started to ache from sitting for long stretches and I became cranky and even tired of knitting!  Yes, you read that right, I was tired of knitting!  Fortunately it passed quickly as soon as I was able to escape from the car!

And I did do a lot of knitting while away.  I finished this –

It’s the Hampton Cardigan from New England Knits.  More details on Ravelry but I really love this cardigan.  I also knit a baby sweater that I don’t have a photo of yet, and I knit a lot of these –

I am teaching a class on Log Cabin knitting this weekend and I became thoroughly addicted to knitting these.  And when my back started to ache from sitting in the car, I stuffed a pile of these in the small of my back for support!  It worked quite well actually.  Knitting saves the day again!

I had taken a break from design work while I was away but I am back at work now and really excited about a new design I am working on.  More about that in a later post…


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