Posted by: spinnyknitter | October 3, 2010

Dolly Lace…

My oldest Grand-daughter was going to be turning 2 in a week and I wanted to make her something but had almost run out of time.  Lately she has been quite taken with dolls and in particular, putting dolls to bed.  She has been using an array of tea towels, knitted dish clothes and knitted swatches for blankets and spending hours tucking in the babies and then endlessly re-arranging them in a basket that was pulled into duty as a bed.

All of which gave me the idea to make a proper doll bed with proper bedding.  I searched online for doll bed making and came across a ready made doll bed from IKEA that seemed perfect.  So Papa and Nana J went shopping.  Papa put together the bed and painted it.  And I applied some cute flower stickers and made the bedding.  It was so much fun sewing up the little pillow and pillow case.  I made a mattress and a quilt.  But it still seemed to be missing something, so I decided I had just enough time to whip up a lace throw for the foot of the bed.  You know, in case the dolly wanted to curl up on the bed and read the latest Vogue Knitting.

Out came the Barbara Walker books, a pattern was quickly chosen and in two evening I knit up a lacey little blanket to complete the set.

Nighty night…



  1. ohhh! that is sooo cute. i never had a grandma, or a nana or nanny, growing up, and this is making me very jealous…

  2. That is beautiful – I am sure it will be much enjoyed.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your granddaughter will have this for years and will probably keep it as an heirloom:) You’ve probably made a couple of generations of little girls happy!

  4. I love it! How awesome!

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