Posted by: spinnyknitter | December 19, 2010

Once upon a time…

…there lived a Knitter who had a really bad case of insomnia.  She had been suffering from lack of sleep since July 1999.  Yes, last century, poor thing.  During that fateful month in 1999 something shifted in her hormonal balance.  There was plenty going on in her world that required her to be well rested and of even temper.  Alas, it was not to be.

The Knitter made it through the end of the century and began the new one bleary eyed and cranky.  In the decade since then she has tried every remedy.  With one exception.  No sleeping pills.  You see this knitter has a healthy distrust of Modern Medicine.

Now modern technology did not come easily to this Knitter either.  It is not as intuitive at her age as it is to the much younger generation.  When she was small she sewed shoe laces through holes in cardboard, so you can see how this could end badly.  The big technological breakthrough of her childhood was black and white television becoming color.

But the Knitter tried to think of it as a Really Difficult Knitting Pattern and with the patient help of her son, The Tech Guru, she learned to have a give and take, love and hate kind of relationship with technology.

One day the knitter was in the grocery store, standing at the cashier, debit card in hand, eyes locked on the screen waiting for the Grand Total to appear.  She was actually trying to decide if she should splurge on a $4 coffee next door or just go home with her groceries when something caught her eye.  Did that say Ipod?  Wait a minute, pay attention, maybe it will come by again.  Yes, yes, there it is, an Ipod free with 19,ooo points.

She had started to listen to knitting podcasts a while ago, but could only listen while sitting in the same room as her desktop computer.  And there were only two knitting podcasts when she first discovered them.  But soon more followed and now there were many many podcasts to choose from.  Soon she was listening to other subjects as well as radio program podcasts.  The world of podcasts was wonderful and entertaining but not portable.

Now here she was in the most unlikely place being offered a way of taking her podcasts with her wherever and whenever she wanted.  Maybe this century wasn’t so bad after all.  Maybe she didn’t need to be left behind with her shoelaces.  Maybe she could be hip and cool like the rest of them, bouncing along the sidewalk.  No one had to know what she was listening to, did they?  So in a unprecedented snap decision, she slapped her grocery store points card on the counter and became the owner of a brand new Ipod.

She and her Ipod became great friends after an impromptu class in Ipod 101 conducted by The Tech Guru.   She became a Listener.  She listened while she knit, while she walked the dog, while she washed the dishes and even while she scrubbed the toilet.  It was heaven (except for the toilet scrubbing part) and the knitter was prepared to live happily ever after with her Ipod.  There was just one thing casting a cloud over her little world.

If the knitter could only get a good nights sleep all would be well in the land of Knitting.

One early, early morning (3ish) the Knitter sat in her kitchen checking the Ravelry forums and wishing she was asleep once again.  Across the room she spied her Ipod sitting on the kitchen counter and well, as they say, the rest is history…

When the knitter gets into her cozy bed every night, beside her on her nightstand she has her current books of bedtime reading, her ear plugs (Mr Knitter is a snorer) and her beloved Ipod.  And when she wakes up at 3ish, as she invariably does, she removes one earplug, inserts one ear bud, and rolls over.  And then she is transported into a world of craft, of softly chatting knitters, of today’s sweater and endless knitterly stories and soon, very soon she sleeps…happily ever after.

What I’m currently reading –

Sum by David Eagleman – the New York Times called this book a delightful, thought-provoking little collection belonging to that category of strange, unclassifiable books that will haunt the reader long after the last page has been turned.  I am about half way through and totally agree!

Solar by Ian McEwan – just started but nicely involved already.

Tender Volume II by Nigel Slater – A cooks guide to the fruit garden, like all of Slater’s books I’ve been eating it up.

Creating Original Hand-knitted Lace by Margaret Stove – the ultimate lace book, I’m loving the read.

My favourite late night podcasts –

(They are all available through itunes.)

Stash and Burn

Cast On

Crafty Pod

Never Not Knitting

Weave Cast

Craft Sanity

But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,

“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!”

Clement Moore



  1. Oh I can relate to this—-from the technology to the insomnia!! Love the Ipod/podcast solution and will have to look into getting myself one.

  2. You have just inspired me to give this “new-fangled” idea a go. I have the equipment, but no idea what to do with it 🙂

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