Posted by: spinnyknitter | January 20, 2011

Knit Night Gloves

Well, it’s snowing here this morning so it seems appropriate that I release my new pattern for a small wintry project.  Knit Night Gloves is my latest pattern and it’s a really quick, easy project and a great stash buster.  I am a huge fan of Malabrigo and I have a small (okay largish) stash of it in my wool closet, so when I wanted to make some fingerless gloves I didn’t have far to go.  It’s just the perfect yarn for this pattern as it’s so soft and cozy feeling but I’m sure everyone out there has their own favourites that would be equally soft and cozy.  It requires very little yarn (about 75m/81yd) so it really is a great stash buster.  The two color version only requires 15m/16yd for the cuffs and 60m/65yd for the rest.

I also liked the idea of using up some of my button stash for this project.  Odds and ends of buttons work great and add a little finishing touch to the gloves.

I’ve included little tutorials of all the techniques used in the pattern, so you won’t have to go searching.  This includes the gusset increasing and a really great sewn bind off.

Two people really helped me out with this pattern.  First my test knitter, Clare, who did an awesome job testing out the pattern and offering suggestions.  And she did it quickly too,  so thank you so much Clare!  The other person is my sister, Carol, whose lovely hands you see in some of the photos.  She very patiently sat and turned her hands this way and that while I snapped away.  Thanks, Carol!


The Knit Night Glove pattern is available for download on Ravelry today.

Stay warm!

Edited February 7th 2011 to add –  If you’d like a hat to match your Knit Night Gloves, there is a free download of my slouchy hat pattern Knit Night Hat here.



  1. I love them! They look so nice, perfect gift! Fast to knit and, like you say, we can use our stash!

  2. I love these-I am a beginner so are these really easy?

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