Posted by: spinnyknitter | February 7, 2011

Knit Night Hat

I’ve been playing around with the stitch pattern I used for The Knit Night Gloves and decided a matching hat might be in order.  I came up with a nice slouchy hat, not difficult to knit or wear.  The bottom of the hat uses the same pattern as the cuff of the gloves and then progresses into nice, auto pilot stocking stitch.  Something you can work on while watching tv or chatting with friends at Knit Night or anywhere else.  The decreasing portion is over before you know it and you are done and onto the next project.

I love quick projects that don’t drag on and also give you the thrill of casting on for a new project at least once a week.

The yarn I’ve used is Malabrigo Rios, a superwash yarn that is rapidly becoming my favourite Malabrigo yarn.  It’s perfect for things that are high use such as hats, gloves and kid’s things.  The colorway is called Arco Iris and I love it, it seems to go with everything.  But you can use your favourite worsted weight yarn.

The Knit Night Hat is available on Ravelry and also for my blog readers, here on the blog as a free download.  I hope you enjoy it!

Here is the link to the free pattern download  Knit Night Hat


  1. I love the hat and may try the rios yarn-it looks so pretty on yours and I have never used it. I like the pin on the hat too.

  2. Cute! I like the jewel on it. You are creative!

  3. Found your blog via Ravelry and am enjoying reading your posts
    Great hat/beanie!!

  4. […] Knit Night Hat is a free pattern to match the gloves. […]

  5. I love this hat design, you are so creative. May I ask you what do you mean when you note “work four rounds plain”?

    • I mean to work plain knit rounds, without any decreases, I’m sorry, my description in the pattern is an old fashioned term 🙂

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