Posted by: spinnyknitter | April 18, 2011

Intermission – drinks are now being served in the lobby…

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time designing or I should say, trying to design.  I’ve swatched and sketched and swatched some more and nothing seems to be working.  It’s all been increasingly frustrating.  I appear to be in some kind of knitterly slump, where the harder I try the slumpier it gets.

Anyway, the other day I went to sit down in my “knitting chair” amid the piles of books, yarn, sketch pads and swatches (yes, it’s quite messy) and I tripped over Barbara Walker.   Well, no, Barbara Walker was not lying on my floor, but one of her books was and I tripped over it.  That was when I decided that I wasn’t accomplishing anything here and I hated the mess and I needed a break from it all.  So I cleaned it all up and put everything away.

First I thought about starting one of the projects in my 50 or so pages of favourites on Ravelry.  (Kind of like 500 of our closest friends!)  But the task of selecting which one was too much for my addled brain to deal with.

But there was something else that had been in the back of my mind for a while.  Granny squares.  Don’t ask me why but I was suddenly finding myself staring longingly at granny square projects on Ravelry.  And there were some really beautiful ones to stare at.  I am a very basic crocheter, I have never done a lot of it, but suddenly it seemed very appealing.  Something completely different from what I had been doing.  I decided if I could use up some stash yarn while I was at it, it would be even more rewarding.

I pulled out the stash and looked at my sock yarn.  I had tons of it and I have not been knitting a lot of socks lately.  I also had tons of half balls, leftovers that were too precious to get rid of and perfect for granny squares.  I decided on a color scheme of green, blue and purple because, well, most of my stash is green, blue and purple.

I tried out a few squares.  I loved it and I could use my new 4mm Kollage square crochet hook.  I love this hook.  I usually find that I get a sore wrist/hand after crocheting for a short length of time, but with this hook, my grip is more relaxed and I can crochet all evening with no discomfort.

I emptied my favourite basket and refilled it with all the sock yarn for the project.  It looked so pretty and tidy.

That was three days ago, and in three evening I have made 18 squares.  I am having so much fun with this.  I think I’ll make a blanket for my granddaughter.  I just need to make about 82 more squares…


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