Posted by: spinnyknitter | December 19, 2011

Birthday Beds

My youngest granddaughter recently turned two, or as she says “twoyears… OLD”,  so cute!  I made her cousin a doll bed last year when she turned two and decided to do the same for this granddaughter’s birthday.  I purchased the unfinished bed from Ikea and painted and decorated it with a different color scheme from her cousin’s version.  This time chocolate brown with blue accents.  Then I stitched up a little mattress, pillow, pillow cover and quilt for the bed.

As the final touch, I wanted a little lacy throw for the bed.  I used my Waldenwood Shawl pattern and it’s small motif lace pattern to knit this coordinating blanket for the bed.

And my favourite part, I found a doll that came with her own teddy bear!



  1. This is so cute Judy, makes me wish I had a daughter but maybe someday I’ll have granddaughters.

  2. Finally getting caught up on blog reading- this bed is so adorable, and the bedding makes it extra special for sure. I especially love the colours in the quilt.

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