Posted by: spinnyknitter | January 30, 2012

Poetry Gloves

Earlier this month I began swatching again, in anticipation of some new designs.  I love doing this, playing with stitches.  I get out my big pad of graph paper and my favourite mechanical pencil and eraser and start charting.  Then I swatch and erase and rechart and swatch some more.  It sounds frustrating when I write it down like this and sometimes it is, but usually it’s just playing with yarn and very enjoyable.

I came up with a pretty little lace pattern that had one draw back.  It had patterning on every row.  When I design shawls I like to keep it simple and have plain wrong side rows.  Maybe a few knits or purls thrown in but mainly plain.  So I felt it was a bit too complicated for one of my shawl designs.

But if it were knit in the round, then the complicated became easy.  You always had the right side facing so you could see the pattern lining up.  You read all the rounds of the chart in one direction (strangely comforting) and it somehow becomes effortless.

The lace pattern looks intricate but it’s an optical illusion.  The only stitches involved are knit, purl, yarn over, ssk and knit two together.  Easy peasy.

What better use of an elegant little lace pattern than a pair of  fingerless gloves.  They only require approximately 50 grams of fingering weight yarn so they make a great stash buster for odds and ends of sock yarn.  And I found them quite satisfying to knit, quick but interesting.

As for the name, when I saw the completed and blocked first pair, I had a little fantasy about sitting in a pretty little garden reading poetry in the shade on a warm summer’s day.  With a cup of tea.  And a plate of  little lemon cookies.  And somehow I look just like Mary in the garden at Downton Abbey!  (Ah, that’s where this little fantasy came from!)

I recommend knitting my Poetry Gloves curled up on the couch watching the fabulous Downton Abbey.  With a cup of tea and maybe some lemon cookies…

Here is the second pair I knit.

Many thanks to Karen and Susan for test knitting this pattern for me.  And to Carol for lending me her hands for the photos.

Here’s the link to more details and the pattern for Poetry Gloves available for sale on Ravelry.


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