Posted by: spinnyknitter | March 31, 2012

Elizabeth R, again…

Just a little update on our friend Elizabeth!  The pattern was originally an exclusive for the Shakespeare in Lace group but it is now available for sale on Ravelry.  Here is where I first wrote about the design.

I’ve knit another sample, this time using a DK weight yarn that is a favourite of mine, Manos Silk Blend.  I love this yarn and have designed a few pieces using it.  But really, this pattern could be knit with any weight yarn to any size.  The main pattern stitch may be repeated as many times as desired and the depth of the border is also adjustable.  Elizabeth is very accommodating.

This is the colorway Topaz and used 3 skeins.  And once again, my fellow designer, Shelly modelling.

Elizabeth R on sale on Ravelry.



  1. You have too many beautiful shawl designs to choose from! However am I supposed to be able to knit them all?!

    • I’m afraid I can’t help you there, Alicia, lol!

  2. another beautiful design, as always!

    • Thanks, Pam!

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