Posted by: spinnyknitter | November 13, 2012

Cedar Grove Shawl

It’s been months since I have designed a shawl pattern.  I hope you like my new Cedar Grove Shawl.  Designing lace has always been my first love and I think Cedar Grove might be one of my personal favourites.

Cedar Grove is a top down triangle that may be worn in a variety of ways and is worked in heavy worsted/chunky weight yarn.   My favourite way to wear it is curled around the neck like a large scarf or cowl.

The yarn I have used is an old favourite of mine, Cascade Eco Wool.  I’ve used this yarn multiple times over the past few years and I always love the result.  But I especially love it in lace.  This yarn blocks so beautifully in lace and is so warm and cozy for the cold months.  And I love this color, it’s called straw and seemed perfect for the fall months.  One skein will get you the size shown which is approximately 58 inches wide by 26 inches deep.

Here’s a little bit of a background story on the design.  I had the design worked out before I went on vacation and I took it with me so I could knit the sample as one of my holiday projects.  I did get the sample knit but the downside was that I wasn’t really paying attention to the design.  I just merrily knit away, finished the project and stashed it away in my suitcase.  When I returned home, I pulled it out and blocked it and well let’s just say I was underwhelmed with it.  The lace pattern was pretty but the centre spine stitches I had chosen to knit as 3 stitches in seed stitch.

Now that I looked at it in the cold harsh light of home, I really was disappointed in it.  It needed to be reworked so I started again swatching and changing up the centre spine.  Maybe the holiday fairy dust was still clinging to the design because the first thing I tried worked really well.  I loved it and now I think that the centre spine really makes the design.  Yes, I had to knit another complete shawl incorporating the changes but I think it was definitely worth it.  Now I can’t seem to stop thinking about a version in cream or natural, in something decadently soft such as Malabrigo…

Cedar Grove Shawl available on Ravelry here.



  1. Such a beautiful lace pattern! I love it.

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth!

  2. I love this shawl-particularly knit with the heavier weight yarn

    • I love the heavier weight too, very cozy! Thank you for commenting.

  3. What a beautiful design! I like it!

  4. gorgeous pattern

  5. That is beautiful!

  6. I love the pattern. Sadly I had to frog at nearly 60 rows in as I could not wrap my head around backing out to correct a mistake in the line before. I guess no one can talk to me when I knit anymore. I am going to start again though as it is such a beautiful pattern:)

  7. I know just how you feel Debbie! I restarted it several (10 or so) times as this was the first time I had knitted lace, but it was so worth it. I have now knitted two – one for my sister and one for me! Totally hooked on lace knitting now, thanks to your beautiful patterns, Judy!

    • Thank you so much, you’ve just made my day!

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