Posted by: spinnyknitter | June 3, 2013

Frutteto Shawl

Yes, I’m still languishing in the warmth and sunshine that is Italy.  Well, not really, but I can always dream!  I think my little “italian daydream” might have something to do with the wretchedly cold, damp spring we have had here on the west coast of Canada. But I think that I have the perfect summer knitting project for you.

This time I am visiting orchards in the lush italian countryside and that is where I found my inspiration for the Frutteto Shawl.   A slim branch of ripe figs or plums and the leafy foliage of the orchard trees just came to life for me in this colorway.  The yarn is Wollmeise Pure Merino and the skein is a we’re different colorway.  I ordered two skeins of “we’re different” from the website having no idea what I was going to get other than semi-solid.  Both skeins were absolutely gorgeous.  I’ve already ordered another 2 skeins!  I love the yardage you have to play with in these super-sized 150 gram skeins.


Frutteto Shawl is another slightly asymmetrical design that has it’s start at one wingtip and is worked across to the other side very simply.  Such easy knitting, this one.  It begins with the branch of fruit (or leaf motif, if you prefer) winding down one side of the shawl on a bed of reverse stocking stitch.  This section may be adjusted in length before progressing into the leafy lace border.  The pattern is very easily adaptable to the size desired and the yarn quantity available.  I have made 3 of them now, all different sizes.  Have a look at my project pages on Ravelry to get an idea of sizing and yardage used – Casbah Sock version, Indigodragonfly version and Wollmeise version.

It’s quite versatile, I came up with a few different ways to wear it.





If you’d like to visit Italy with me, I think this design would make the perfect summer and/or holiday knitting.  The first section has scads of mindless knitting, even the little fruit motif is easy to memorize.  The lace border is an interesting texture but very simple and easy to knit.   Not a lot of concentration required, perfect for summer knitting, I think.


My Italian day dreams – Sonetto, Vigneto and now Frutteto all available on Ravelry.



  1. Frutteto is absolutely exquisite!!! I can’t wait to knit it! I thought Vigneto(which is being blocked right now) was “over the moon”, but you’ve done it again. Best, Diane

    • Thanks so much, Diane!

  2. Same here, Judy!! This is a Grand Slam Home Run, in baseball parlance. Gorgeous!!

    • Love the baseball parlance, Sue 🙂 Thanks very much for your comments.

  3. awesome and I adore the purple

    • Thanks, Pam!

  4. I have NEVER made any lace project-but I feel that purple yarn calling me. All of your shawls are so beautiful-which would you consider easiest to knit of all you have available on ravelry? I have some beautiful yarn that is the color of a shirazz japanese maple tree that I would like to use too. I have never done charts either. What type of needle do you favor and size would you use for a shawl on average? sorry so many questions!

    • Of my last 3 designs, I would say that Frutteto is the easiest to knit. If it’s your first time using charts then this pattern would be a good choice as well because it has both charted and written instructions. If you run into a problem with the chart, then you could refer to the written instructions for clarification. As for needles, I prefer needles with a sharp point for lace, my favourites are Signatures and Addi Lace needles but personal preference plays a big part in needle selection. What needle size depends on how you knit (tight, middle of the road, or loose) and the look you wish for your lace. I would experiment and see what size needle gives you the gauge recommended for the pattern and use that for your first project.

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