Posted by: spinnyknitter | August 22, 2013

Leaf Press Shawl

Leaf Press Shawl is my new design to ease us into fall gradually.  It’s a light weight project perfect for summer knitting but the end result may be worn on the fall days just around the corner.


I have used Quince and Co Finch for this shawl and I just love this yarn.  It’s my first time using it and I am a fan!  It’s wonderful to knit with, and then when you block it, it’s so drapey and elegant.  And the colors are equally wonderful.  Both samples shown here use Kumlien’s Gull (the grey stripe in both samples) yet the grey takes on a different look paired with the green or the blue.  Love this colorway, especially paired with these two subtle shades of green and blue.  The combination is very understated and lovely.



Leaf Press is another slightly asymmetrical shawl knit from one wing tip into a widening triangle.  I love the canvas this shape provides.  And I love the fact that you can just keep knitting until you are almost out of yarn, work the little garter striped border and you are done!  I’ve worked up a scarf size (blue and grey) and a shawl size (green and grey) but you decide exactly how large to make your version.  I love this wrapped around the neck almost like a cowl and I think this is how I will wear mine this fall.




Available on Ravelry – Leaf Press Shawl



  1. Another lovely creation, Judy. These are just exquisite and will be perfect for the changing season…I love the delicate leaf pattern. I have not tried Quince & Co yarn yet, but these shawls encourage my interest.

    • Thanks so much! I highly recommend giving Quince and Co Finch a try, it’s really lovely to work with.

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