Posted by: spinnyknitter | March 10, 2014

Dovetail Shawl

This new design has been a long time coming…I started it way back in November and had to put it down several times for various reasons but I’m really happy to be able to publish this design finally…


Dovetail Shawl is cast on at one wing tip with a few stitches, and then simply knit into a widening triangle for a slightly asymmetrical shape.  The color work is made easy by the simple slip stitch pattern and the use of two different colorways of self striping yarn.  The pattern is quick to memorize and the shifting colors keep the work interesting.  The size is easily adjustable to the yardage available, allowing you to knit a scarf, a shawl, or any size desired.


This sample is knit using Kauni 8/2 Effektgarn in the colorways EQ and ET.  I have had both colorways in my stash forever and I’m so pleased that I finally used them.  The ET colorway actually is grey/black/purple, and I really only wanted the grey/black for a nice neutral background to the rainbow colorway.  So, I just eliminated the purple as I knit along.  I used black/grey then reversed direction to grey/black and so on so the colors shifted subtly.  I wound my ball into a centre pull ball using my ball winder and it was much easier to see the colors.  The repeats on this yarn are miles long so it gives you the opportunity to play a bit with the color placement.  If the color that you want next is not coming along fast enough, simply hurry it along by cutting out a section of the color.


The version shown here: Blocked measurements 60″ across by 27″ deep. I used approximately 75 grams of each colorway or approximately 300m/328yd of each colorway for the size shown.

The yarn is lovely but a bit scratchy while knitting.  But when I finished, I gave it a long soak in some Eucalan before blocking.  It transformed into this lighter than air, soft but sturdy wrap with incredible drape and stitch definition.

I also made two other versions using Noro Silk Garden Sock.  Lovely colors, both mixed with the natural for the contrast color.  I love how both colorways shift subtly at intervals.  It makes the knitting quite addictive!


The colorwork pattern is slip stitch colorwork.  You won’t believe how easy this is, if you can knit two color alternating stripes, you can knit this! Two different colorways of self striping yarn are alternated every second row, you are only working with one color per row. The color pattern is created using slipped stitches, as simple as it sounds: slip one stitch purlwise from the left needle to the right needle. Stitches used for the colorwork: knit, purl and slip.


This pattern was so addictive that I’m still dreaming of other combinations.  Imagine it in this yarn!  Or a self striping with a solid, or a gradient yarn with a self striping or solid.  I entertain myself by dreaming up new combos…

I’d like to thank Teresa for test knitting this pattern for me.  I can’t wait to see her photographs!

Check out the pattern page on Ravelry for more details about yarn selection, color choices and yardage requirements – Dovetail Shawl



  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this ! It is a departure from your gorgeous lace-work – but anything which uses Kauni will be a “hit” with me ! The slip-stitch colorwork is so fun, and quick to see results. I am eager to dive into my stash of Kauni and Noro…maybe they will “be friends” in this shawl. Thanks for sharing your lovely work with all of us.

    • Thanks so much, Melissa!

  2. Totally smitten–What a fun knit!

    • Thanks, Nancy! It was a lot of fun to knit 🙂

  3. lovely

  4. Love this. I’m intrigued. Ordered the yarn in oranges and blues thinking I’ll start one in lighter shades and the other in darker. Can’t wait for the yarn to arrive!

    • Thanks, knittingrammy – great colour ideas, I hope you enjoy the pattern!

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