Posted by: spinnyknitter | June 6, 2014

Estonian Dream Shawl

I am very happy to be publishing my newest pattern today – Estonian Dream Shawl. This design was inspired by the beautiful lace stitches of Estonian knitting.  I have several books on the subject and love the designs and the stories behind the patterns.  One stitch pattern in particular has always caught my eye and it finally inspired this shawl design.  The Estonian Willow Leaf stitch pattern is so beautiful and appears to flow across the fabric in such graceful lines.  I love it both with the nupps, for the incredible texture and without nupps, for the simplicity.

I knew I wanted to create an asymmetrical shawl and I wanted the leaves to flow out of the few cast on stitches.  But I had no idea how difficult that would be to accomplish.  I can’t even tell you how many swatches I knit, how much graph paper I used and how much time was spent accomplishing this.  I swatched and juggled increases and decreases and played a little dance with the stitches every evening for several weeks before I had something I was happy with.  Below is a photo of the beginning of shawl.

It looks quite innocent, doesn’t it?  It’s delicate little stitches don’t reveal a thing!  But all is forgiven now, I love this little triangle of lace and I’m quite pleased that I didn’t give up on it.

Here is a look at the rest of the Estonian Dream Shawl, photos taken on a warm and sunny spring day here on the west coast.







I was just finishing up my first prototype of the design, when Kristin, over at Voolenvine Yarns,  very generously sent me a skein of her Lush yarn to try.  The timing was perfect and the color just made me happy every time I looked at it.  It reminded me of gorgeous blue skies, with a hint of lavender that echoed the flowers in my spring garden.  I thought it would be perfect for the sample for the pattern and immediately cast on.  I love how it looks in the lace and the wedge of stocking stitch shows off the many hints of color in this yarn.  Thank you, Kristin!





One skein of fingering weight wool or wool blend is all you need to make your own Estonian Dream Shawl.  The size shown is 45″ wingspan and 20″ depth, making it more of a shawlette size but the pattern is easily adjustable to the yardage available, allowing you to knit any size desired.  I want to make myself a larger version, using 2 skeins, to wrap around myself on cool summer evenings.

The lace pattern is easier than it looks with patterning only on right side rows, giving you those lovely rest rows on the wrong side.

I hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather and maybe even sitting in the sun (or shade) and knitting.  Estonian Dream Shawl is available for purchase on Ravelry.  I am also running a special promotion  June 6 through 8th, 2014 to go along with the pattern release.  Check it out at the same link.



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