Posted by: spinnyknitter | April 14, 2015

Stone Croft Shawl

I hope spring has arrived for those of you who were buried under snow all winter!  I think Stone Croft Shawl would make a nice little transition piece to carry you into the warm spring weather.  It may be worn as a scarf/cowl now and later on, pulled around the shoulders on a cool spring or summer evening. blog6

This design was inspired by stone walls, small farms and above all, texture.  I love texture, especially when set off by expanses of smooth stocking stitch and anything leafy. blog4

The large sample shown is knit using a yarn new to me, Wollmeise Blend.  I stopped by their website on a whim, and noticed this fairly new (I think) yarn.  This colorway, Olio Vergine, really spoke to me, and it was in stock, yay! When it arrived, it felt nice and squishy and I loved the color but I set it aside for a future design.  After knitting the small sample, I wanted a larger version and choose this yarn, because I really wanted to take it for a test drive.  I expected it to be very nice to knit with.  I was wrong, it was amazing to work with!  Really amazing!  I love this yarn.  It’s so soft to the touch and drapes so beautifully and yet holds the stitch definition.  The color shimmers in the light, did I mention how much I love this yarn!


Wollmeise Blend is merino, cashmere, nylon, one of my all time favourite blends and the weight is perfect.  It is a sport weight, which I love for lace.  A tiny bit heavier than a fingering weight, just perfect to fill in those stitches nicely.

My small sample was knit using another yarn that was new to me, Frabjous Fibers Mad Hatter.  This is also such an awesome sport weight yarn, hand dyed in this luscious teal green.  The weight is almost identical to the Wollmeise Blend.  It was a pleasure to have on the needles.  I will be looking for more of both these yarns in the future. blog2

Stone Croft Shawl is slightly asymmetrical in shape and features an easy lace border on two sides. It begins at one wing tip with a few stitches, and then is simply knit into a widening triangle. Directions are included for two different widths of lace border, and the size of the shawl is easily adjustable to any size.  The lace pattern is charted only. blog1

There are two options given for border depth: the narrow border measures approximately 4 inches deep, and the wide border measures approximately 6 inches deep. blog8

I have used the narrow border on the small sample and the wide border on the large sample, but you may use either border on any size shawl, according to your personal preference.  If you want more lace, use the wide border on any size shawl. The sizing is easily adjustable by just working more or less repeats of the main chart, so no worries about having just the right amount of yardage available. blog3

Stone Croft Shawl is available for sale on Ravelry.  Happy spring knitting, everyone!


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