Posted by: spinnyknitter | August 21, 2015

Robin Hill Shawl

I hope you like my new design. Robin Hill Shawl is slightly asymmetrical in shape and style, featuring a beautiful botanical lace motif down one side and easy two colour stripes.  The shawl begins with a few stitches at one wing tip and is knit across to the other wing tip, all in one piece. It is finished with a simple sideways bind off.  Like most of my other shawl patterns, the size is easily adjusted by working the main pattern repeat as many times as desired.


This new shawl design was inspired by The Forsythe Saga currently airing on PBS.  It’s a 2002 mini-series based on the books by John Galsworthy.  There is a house called Robin Hill that figures prominently in the series.  The house has influences of Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts and is full of light and space.   We see glimpses of Robin Hill throughout the series.  I’m always waiting for the next episode to air and all this enthusiasm for the show turned into my new shawl design.

A while ago, I had purchased two colorways of Tosh DK because I thought they would be beautiful paired together.  The two colors were Shire and Plunge and my heart beat a little faster every time I saw the two colorways together.  I knit my first sample of this pattern using these two colorways and I love the result.


This small sample measures 50″ across and 19″ deep after blocking, and used just one skein of each colorway.


For the second sample, I knew that I wanted a larger version, something that would completely cover the shoulders and be dramatic and wrap like.  I also wanted to try a more neutral color combination.  I loved my blue/green version, but I thought a more neutral combination would make it even more wearable.  All this lead me to the color combination for sample number two. I used Tosh DK again, but this time with the colorways kitten and dirty panther.  I checked out many different combinations of greys and browns, but this combination won me over right away.  I have always been a hard sell on neutrals, I love my bright, clear, saturated colors.  But this combination had such life to it that I willingly ventured into neutral territory!


This larger sample measures 72″ across and 26″ deep, after blocking.  This baby is big, you can really wrap yourself up and stay warm with this size.  I think it will be perfect for fall over a sweater and for winter, over a winter coat.  I used two skeins of kitten and one skein of dirty panther for this version.


Overall, this is an easy knit.   The lace panel pattern is mostly patterned on right side rows and then there are rows and rows of lovely squishy, stretchy garter stitch.  The color changes kept me interested and I loved watching the play between the two colorways as I knit.  The dk weight yarn and the larger needle seemed to make it grow quickly too.


Robin Hill Shawl is available today on Ravelry here.


  1. Very beautiful indeed.

    • Thank you, Linda!

  2. bought the pattern this morning as soon as I got the email update, bought yarn at mid-day and will be casting on tomorrow after work 🙂

    • That’s awesome, a woman of action, I love it! I hope you enjoy the pattern 🙂

  3. This is lovely! The large version is so beautiful! Adding to my queue. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Lina 🙂

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