I am a knitter, a weaver and a spinner as well as a knitting pattern designer.


  1. That sounds incredibly lucky! Just came across your blog, probably from the Ravelry site…but after a bit of yarn-web cruising it’s hard to remember the ‘trail’.

    Wondering…on your posting, Carefree Highway of August 6, what are you using as a pattern-marker?! It looks stuck-on, yet transparent…which could be a very helpful item!

    In advance, thanks so much for the enjoyment your blog has offered and any info you may be able to provide.

    Gina C.

  2. I love the look of these gloves and my daugther would like to have a pair. However, I am a new knitter and am having difficulty understanding the directions for the thumb. I understand that 7 stitches are placed on waste yarn for the thumb but later in the thumb directions it states ‘7 stitches above the opening and 7 stitches below the opening.’ Where does the second set of 7 stitches come from?
    And once the 7 stitches are placed on the waste yarn do I work from the stitch before the 7 to the stitch after the 7 and join the circle leaving the 7?

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